Insider: Last year’s rumours about Bloodborne’s remaster for PS5 and PC were a fake

Renowned blogger and insider Lance McDonald, best known for creating a patch for Bloodborne at 60 FPS, has openly stated that old rumours of a remaster of the PS5 game and PC fake. He managed to talk to the developers who were mentioned in the rumors, and they didnt hear anything about it โ€” in addition, he found the original source of information shared by many Bloggers. Apparently, they became a YouTube โ€” he personally shared information with other โ€œinsidersโ€.

โ€œAll this resulted in irregular rumors and YouTube videos on this topic. They are all 100% fake.

โ€ McDonald himself โ€œhas no clueโ€ what happens to Bloodborne โ€” Sony can release a game on PC, make a remaster, or even dispense with a PS5 patch. Or maybe do nothing at all.

At least last year, it seems Sony didnt do anything. Fun fact: just two days ago, another โ€œinsiderโ€ said that the Bloodborne remaster really will soon be released on PC (and PS5) – this will be Sonys next game on PC after Days Gone.

Notably, McDonald also revealed that Sonys contract with Bluepoint for the remake of Demons Souls lasted so short-lived that the studio didnt even have time to release a patch with the ability to remove characters. More on Igamania K Warhammer: Vermintide 2 in a week will release an add-on Chaos Wastes Screenplay of Stephen King and Apples โ€œLisi Storyโ€ will be released on June 4 WRC 10 celebrate the 50th anniversary of the championship โ€” trailer and first details of the rally.