Insider: Resident Evil 9 will be the finale of Ethan trilogy and final number part

Famous insider Dusk Golem told that Resident Evil 9 could be the final number part of the series — it will complete the plot of Ethan‘s trilogy. According to the blogger, many moments of the seventh part will be developed in the coming Village – for example, in RE7 in the episode with Lucas’s birthday was a drawing of a mysterious woman in a hood. So, she looks exactly like one of the characters RE8.

It‘s for a reason. In general, the inevitable ninth part of Resident Evil, as an insider claims, will end the RE7 story — after that in Capcom want to engage in games with self-sufficient plots without cramped bindings to other parts.

What’s funny, in the eighth part, if you believe the blogger, there will be much more references and connections to the general universe than there was in the predecessor. On the left, the old lady from RE8, and on the right the picture is from RE7.

Resident Evil Village is released May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In a few days, on April 16 at 01:00 Moscow time, the developers will hold a presentation with a display of fresh footage and probably the release of the gameplay demo.

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