Interesting statistics and personal stories โ€” Crusader Kings III celebrates anniversary

Crusader Kings III role-playing strategy celebrates an anniversary this month โ€” on this occasion Paradox Interactive released a video featuring congratulations, personal player stories and some busy stats behind the past year. More than 128 million hours played; 18 million marriages and engagements; 334 million children born; More than 1 million prisoners escaped; More than 4 million pets stroked; 4 million characters โ€œbrokeโ€ under stress; Most popular launch region is Britain; Most popular religious dogma is โ€œWarmongerโ€; Most popular image Life โ€” โ€œGovernanceโ€ /Wealthโ€; Pagan religions reformed 1 million times; Roman Empire revived 190,000 times; Great Schism eradicated 220,000 times. Also authors reminded that soon Crusader Kings III will be coming to Xbox Series with PS5.

In addition, a developer diary was previously released that described the expansion of the Royal Court โ€” expected to be released in 2021. More on Gamemania Sony acquired Bluepoint Games studio, authors of Demon‘s Souls remake How Sherlock Holmes is fightin’, shown in new Sherlock Holmes Chapter One trailer The new Tomb Raider can adopt the style of the latest game trilogy.