Interim President Mali Survives Knife Attack

Interim President Assimi Goita of Mali survived a knife attack. He was attacked by a man who tried to stab him at the Grand Mosque in the capital Bamako during festivities for the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice.

Eyewitnesses say that a man with a firearm would have been involved in the attack on Goita. Both men were overpowered and disposed of by Goita‘s security guards.

Military coup

In a speech, he said afterwards that it was a single incident and that he is okay and no one was hurt. Goita says this kind of thing comes with when you’re a leader.

Colonel Goita took part in a military coup against democratically elected President Boubacar Keita last August. There was a transitional government led by Citizen President Bah N‘Daw. In May, Goita again committed a coup with N’Daw dropped off. This time Goita himself was sworn as president of the transitional government. In February next year, elections will be held in Mali.

UN peacekeeping mission

Civil war raged in Mali in 2012 and 2013. France decided to intervene military after members of the Tuareg, a Bedouin tribe from the Sahel, had occupied much of the country with jihadist groups.

A UN peacekeeping mission was set up in 2013. The Netherlands also contributed from 2014 to 2019. 400 Dutch people were stationed in Gao, in eastern Mali. In particular, they had to gather information on where tensions could arise.