International Call for Calmness in Israel and Palestinian Territories

Several countries call for calm in Israel and the Palestinian territories to be maintained. The White House is going to send a top diplomat who‘s going to try to calm the situation down.

American President Biden has made a call to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. After that conversation, he told journalists to expect and hope that the violence will soon be over. He also expressed his support for Israel. โ€œIsrael has the right to protect itself and its people.โ€

The US Secretary of State Blinken also stated earlier today that the US โ€œfully supports Israel in its right to defend itselfโ€. โ€œWe strongly condemn the missile attacks. We believe that Palestinians and Israelis have the right to live in safety.โ€

Emergency consultation

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov wants an urgent consultation of the so-called Middle East Quartet, the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia.

Also, a high-ranking rabbi calls for calm. โ€œWe must not be dragged into provocation and harm to people or property,โ€ said Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef in a statement.

Netanyahu: ‘This is just the beginn

But peace and security do not seem to be the case for the time being. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says not to stop attacking the Gaza Strip. โ€œThis is just the beginning. We will hit them in a way they never thought possible.โ€ Neither does the leader of Hamas leave. โ€œThe confrontation with the enemy has an open ending,โ€ Haniyeh said.

Correspondent Ties Brock doesn’t expect things to calm down in the next few hours. โ€œIn the city of Lod, Jewish and Palestinian Arab groups of young people armed across the street. Also near Tel Aviv, a group of extreme right-wing Jewish men pulled a man out of a car. He got kicked in.โ€

Not only in Israel, Brock expects the violence to continue. โ€œThe bombing also continue in the Gaza Strip.โ€