International community raises billion euros for assistance to Afghanistan

At an international UN donor sconference, nearly a billion euros have been committed to helping Afghanistan and its neighbours. The money needs to be built, among other things, medical and sanitation and distribution of food. Some of them are also intended to help countries that accommodate Afghan refugees.

According to UN chief Guterres, Afghans fear of collapse across the country. At the end of the month, all food could be exhausted. 14 million people, according to him, are on the brink of starvation and 93 percent of households in the country do not have enough food.

According to United Nations calculations, Afghanistan needs about half a billion euros to fight hunger by the end of this year. In addition, the Afghan care system would be in the process of collapse. There is also a need for money for schools.

13.5 million euros from the Netherlands

The Netherlands allocated an additional 13.5 million euros for assistance to the Afghans. EUR 10 million will be spent through a UN fund for food, medical care and water, among others. Previously, EUR 10 million has been pledged.

โ€œHuman suffering in the country is great and is growing,โ€ says Demissionary Minister De Bruijn for Development Cooperation. โ€œThe population needs our help now. At the same time, many Afghans have fled to neighbouring countries in recent years: we must not forget about them and the communities they are accommodated.โ€

Human Rights

The conference in Geneva, Switzerland, has now barely made any demands on the Taliban, the new rulers in Afghanistan. However, it has been said that further cooperation with the Taliban will depend on the extent to which that terrorist organisation will respect human rights.

UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet accused the Taliban earlier today of murdering former Afghan government employees and their family members. Her office has received credible reports that they were arrested without charge, she says. The Taliban would go door to door to track down employees of the previous government.