International researchers: China guilty of genocide of Uyghurs

China is guilty of genocide of Uyghurs in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. This is stated in a report by the American non-governmental organisation Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy. This is the first time that an NGO has investigated the Xinjiang issue.

The report was prepared by 50 international researchers in the fields of human rights, war crimes and international law.

According to the investigators, China is guilty of genocide. โ€œThe country is responsible for sustained genocide and therefore acts in breach of the UN Genocide Treaty,โ€ the report states.

Forced sterilization

Earlier, the US Department of State said that some two million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities are in criminal camps in Xinjiang and are being tortured by the Chinese authorities. There would be sexual abuse and Uyghurs would be forcibly sterilized.

There is increasing international criticism of Beijing. The US has already spoken of genocide and the House of Representatives also believes that violence against the Uyghurs should be labelled as genocide. Minister Blok does not yet want to speak of genocide; he wants the UN or the International Criminal Court to speak about it first.

The Dutch government has repeatedly called on China to admit international observers to the Xinjiang region, but this is not being followed.

China says that in the penal camps there are only terrorists and separatists who need to be ‘re-educated’ and that abroad should not interfere with the issue.