Interpreter who would come to the Netherlands possibly murdered in Afghanistan

An interpreter may have been murdered in Afghanistan. The interpreter had worked with foreign military personnel and was at risk. Thats why the Dutch government wanted to pick him up Thats what his family and other people who know him say.

The man worked with other countries to train police officers in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban took over power in the country, many people are at risk.

The interpreter is said to have been murdered by the Taliban because he worked with foreigners. The man was hiding with his parents, according to his family, but Taliban fighters would have found out.

The Dutch government does not dare say if the news is correct.

According to the Minister, the Netherlands cannot protect people in Afghanistan because there are no more Dutch soldiers in the area. Thats why the Netherlands is trying to put them to safety in other ways.

The Dutch government says they do everything they can to help them.