Interrogation survey surcharge affair start in a year

Public interrogations in the parliamentary survey on the allowance affair will begin February next year. In addition to fraud policy, the Committee of Inquiry also deals with information exchange and services to implementing authorities.


grounds for the survey are the parliamentary investigations into the allowance affair and into the functioning of organizations such as the UWV and the CBR. Both committees of inquiry came up with hard conclusions and the report on the allowance affair led to the fall of the third Rutte cabinet a year ago.

A committee that had to prepare the survey has been working since last summer and the actual committee of inquiry will be set up next week.

You can see more about the allowance affair in this video:

The Committee of Inquiry wants to understand how it is that โ€œthe way in which the government combats fraud has led to inadequate services to and legal protection of citizensโ€. The committee plans to start โ€œcontext analysis and in-depth researchโ€.

After that, preliminary discussions will be held first, public interrogations will be held from February to May next year. The final report is scheduled to be ready at the end of next year.

The committee that prepared the survey was chaired by D66 MP Belhaj. Almost certainly, she also becomes chairman of the committee of inquiry.