Invaller Aboukhlal turns backlog AZ against ADO into victory

Zakaria Aboukhlal won the victory over ADO Den Haag at the end of the day: 2-1. With this, the rigorous exchange policy of trainer Pascal Jansen paid for itself after the visitors had come up against the relationship to predict.

After the 0-1 of Michiel Kramer, Jansen switched four players at one time. The winning hit didn‘t fall until the penultimate minute. “Something was needed. I was looking for more pace from the build-up,” the trainer explained that intervention.

Three days after the handsome victory of AZ on PSV (1-3) and the disconcerting defeat of ADO against VVV (1-4), the Alkmaarders started the duel as big favorite, but the home club missed the chance to win a chance.

Albert Gudmundsson shot over and tapped at close range. Myron Boadu crossed the bar and later crossed it up close. After an hour, Kramer across the street was successful out of a rebound.

Telling was the ratio in corner kicks: 17-0 in favor of AZ. But it took a very long time before the field balance was expressed in the score.

Check out the reactions of Pascal Jansen, Ruud Brood and Zakaria Aboukhlal below:

“ You get in, it’s the perfect scenario for every attacker to score twice,” sparked Aboukhlal.

Aboukhlal first slipped a low front of Fredrik Midtsjø behind Luuk Koopmans and with a shot through the inside of the pole he also became a match winner. “If it has to be done mainly with inclinations, then you want to be decisive.”