Inventor Madsen confesses in documentary murder of Swedish journalist

The Danish inventor Peter Madsen confessed to the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall more than two years after his conviction. In a documentary he answers over the phone to the question whether he killed the woman in August 2017: “Yes. There is only one guilty party and that is me.” He adds that he had never hurt anyone until August 10, 2017.

More than two years ago he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder. The judges deemed it proven that he had severely mistreated and murdered Wall on his self-built submarine, where he had invited her for an interview. Madsen maintained that she had been killed in an accident. He did admit that he had cut her body to pieces.

He has now made his confession in the documentary The Secret Talks with Peter Madsen, which will be broadcasted on Danish television today. In the documentary Madsen doesn’t tell how he killed the journalist. His motive is also unclear.

The documentary is based on twenty hours of phone conversations with Madsen. These were recorded without his knowledge, but he later gave permission for the use of the recordings.