Investigating magistrates in liquidation-Taghi may remain

The two examining magistrates who had been challenged in the Marengo liquidation process around Ridouan Taghi are allowed to stay on. The Challenge Chamber declared the requests that lawyer Nico Meijering had also submitted on behalf of colleagues partly inadmissible and rejected the remainder.

The challenge room dealt with the requests yesterday. The verdict is further unsubstantiated, that happens within two weeks. The fact that a verdict has been reached anyway, has to do with the fact that interrogations in the Marengo trial are already planned in the near future. These can now continue under the leadership of the same investigating magistrates.

Meijering challenged the judges on 19 August when his client, one of the defendants in the Marengo trial, was interrogated. “At the beginning I questioned the way in which I was treated by them. With my client, that treatment raised fears that the judges would be biased. Their reaction did not allay that fear. Then we challenged.” Lawyers from other suspects joined him.