Investigation into former President of Parliament, Arib furious: ‘Political dagger’

Member of Parliament and former MP Khadija Arib (PvdA) has reacted furiously to the investigation that the presidency, or the daily administration of the House, wants to institute on her because of possible cross-border behavior.

Arib announces by telephone that she was โ€œthrown in front of the busโ€ by her successor as President of Parliament and President of the Presidency, Vera Begkamp (D66).

On Thursday evening, NRC reported the news about the independent investigation, which concerns Arib in her period as President of Parliament from 2016 to April 2021. The Hague sources confirm the message to DecceIT.


Arib had not been informed beforehand of the intention of the presidency, which met with each other this afternoon. The reason for the external investigation is two anonymous letters accusing Arib of โ€œabuse of powerโ€, a โ€œreign of terrorโ€ and โ€œan unsafe working environmentโ€, writes NRC.

At the end of the afternoon, Arib received an app from Bergkamp to stop by around 9:15 a.m. on Thursday morning and talk in the presence of two other members of the presidency. โ€œIn the end, I read what it was about in the NRC,โ€ she says.

Arib now wants a statement from Bergkamp, she says via Twitter. โ€œThis is at odds with care and a socially safe working environment.โ€

President of Parliament Bergkamp does not yet want to respond to the plan for an external investigation. A spokesperson says that the presidency โ€œdeeplyโ€ regrets that the national lawyer‘s advice came out before talking to โ€œthe person concernedโ€.


NRC writes that national lawyer Pels Rijcken examined the charges in the anonymous letters and issued confidential advice. According to NRC, this shows that the allegations in the last letter, dated at the end of July this year, fit with previous complaints. It would be โ€œconcrete and serious signs of an unsafe working environmentโ€.

Moreover, the opinion would not talk about a single incident, but about โ€œa broader, structural problemโ€. According to NRC, Arib’s appointment as chairman of the Temporary Corona Committee prompted the complainants to come forward now.


any case, the conversation between Arib and Bergkamp on Thursday morning will not take place. It is still unclear when the current and former Presidents of Parliament will talk to each other.