Investigation into the mysterious death of 11 elephants

Conservationists in the African country Zimbabwe are investigating the death of eleven elephants in a nature reserve.

In recent years thousands of elephants have been killed by poachers. They want to sell the ivory tusks for a lot of money. But now it doesn’t look like the elephants have been killed by poachers. All eleven animals still have their tusks.

Elephant disease?

Researchers are therefore going to investigate the animals to find out what killed them. They think it could be an elephant disease.

The World Wildlife Fund is worried about the elephants. The animals have been threatened by poachers for some time and because they have a smaller and smaller habitat. They are also afraid that the disease is very contagious.

Earlier this year, 400 dead elephants were found in neighbouring Botswana. Investigators are trying to find the cause there as well.