‘Investigation of inadequate quality controls Boeing 787’

The U.S. aviation authority FAA is investigating the Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner. The decision follows a report from the aircraft manufacturer that some parts do not meet the production requirements.

According to The Wall Street Journal, control of the quality requirements may have been failing for almost ten years. The newspaper had access to an internal FAA memo and spoke to sources. The FAA would consider bringing forward the inspection of hundreds of 787s. About a thousand have been produced since 2011.

Boeing told the aviation authority that the safety of the 787s was not at stake.

Something else went wrong “in the assembly line” with eight aircraft. The owners of these aircraft received a request in August to ground their aircraft for repairs.

737 MAX

Boeing recorded a loss of more than half a billion euros last year. This was partly due to problems with the 737 MAX.

After fatal accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia with 737 MAX aircraft, in a period of five months, the aircraft was grounded. Because of the crisis, President Dennis Muilenburg had to clear the field.