Investigation over: Riot Games director innocent

We wrote a while ago about Riot Games chief executive Nicolò Laurent being at the centre of the scandal. His former assistant accused him of prolonged sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Riot Games management took the issue seriously and commissioned an independent advocacy company investigate Sharon O‘Donnell’s claims.

And here‘s the result was announced: none of the facts cited by the accuser were not deleted. The Riot Games Special Committee reviewed the results of the investigation and concluded: there is no evidence that Laurent harassed O’Donnell, discriminated or sexually harassed.

Thus, no action will be taken against him. But they can return to the investigation if any evidence is found.

Laurent made his own statement. He acknowledged that he sometimes speaks without thinking – for example, about making children during a lockdown.

But in all his actions, he‘s trying to match the corporate culture of Riot Games. I admit the last few weeks have been difficult.

You probably had to endure unpleasant questions from family and friends about why you still work at Riot. You talked to the candidates who decided to withdraw their applications and with partners who questioned long-term cooperation with us.

So it’s important that you hear this directly from me: allegations of harassment, discrimination and harassment against me is not true. Nothing like this or even remotely similar to this has never happened.

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