Investigative jury wants to prosecute one officer for violence in Breonna Taylor case

In the case of the US citizen Breonna Taylor (26), who was shot dead, one agent has been charged. The police shot the black woman dead six months ago in her home in Louisville, Kentucky state. This led to a wave of protest in the United States.

The investigative jury decided that the white policeman Brett Hankison, fired in June, should be prosecuted for three counts of deliberate threat, but not for Taylor‘s death. The decision was referred to a judge in Louisville.

The police entered Taylor’s house in March without warning in an investigation into drugs. The woman, who was in bed with her boyfriend, was hit by six bullets. That number has been announced tonight. One of them killed her. The police opened fire after a shot from her partner, who thought it was a break-in. No drugs were found in the flat.

Demonstrators across the country demanded justice for her death and that of other blacks who have recently been killed by police violence. Taylor‘s family received compensation of around EUR 10 million.

Facts and evidence

The public prosecutor said at a press conference that the investigation showed that two other officers were entitled to use force. Hankison has been charged with shooting in neighbouring flats, but not with his role in Taylor’s death. He can get up to five years in prison for all three charges.

The shooting in itself was justified, the prosecutor said. He added that it is facts and evidence that must be judged, not whether Taylor‘s death was a tragic event. That is beyond dispute to him. The FBI is still investigating whether federal laws have been broken.

Taylor’s family lawyer tweets that “nothing was done for Breonna” and calls the lack of charges directly related to her death “outrageous and criminal”.

In Louisville, people furiously took to the streets out of frustration that the jury had done nothing more. People are crying, shouting and demonstrating. In the run-up to the verdict, the police had issued a curfew until tomorrow morning.