Investors unhappy with Activision Blizzard management actions

The situation around Activision Blizzard remains difficult. After information about the filing of a discrimination and harassment lawsuit, the company is turned away by sponsors, and players and streamers announce a boycott of its game. SOC investment group says promises Activision Blizzard‘s leadership to improve corporate culture is not enough.

The proposed measures, including Blizzard’s leadership change, fail to address โ€œdeep and widespread issues of impartiality, inclusiveness and human capital management. โ€ Investors note that no changes have yet been announced in the procedure for the appointment of senior management, in executive pay, including those involved in the harassman, and the law firm WilmerHale, which was brought into independent audit, is better known for its protection of the rich and influential than for its experience of disclosing offences.

According to SOC, by the end of the year, Activision Blizzard should introduce at least one woman to the board, preferably a champion of marginalized groups, and by 2025 to even out the gender balance in the guide. Where does Blizzard roll? How scandals will affect companies‘ games Meanwhile Heroes of the Storm producer Tami Sigmund wrote that she understands the feelings of those who remove the company’s games and declare a boycott to them.

But on the other hand, there are women in the company itself who work day after day and fight injustice. When people don‘t spend money on our games, it affects my profit share and percentage of my bonuses.

The consequence of this trial may be that in March, when my newborn child goes to kindergarten and I run out of maternity leave, I may not get a bonus, necessary to pay for this kindergarten. Tami SigmundPart of the commentators supported this view, noting that in addition to predators and harassers, the company employs thousands of employees and their first and foremost would be fired if lower income forced a tightening of the belts.

At the same time, work on World of Warcraft and possibly other games is stopped, and this will affect the players. On the other hand, former Blizzard fans note that they don’t have much ways to influence company policy and show your dissatisfaction.

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