IOI Announces February Content for HITMAN III

IO Interactive unveiled a plan to support HITMAN III for February, which included 4 unique contracts from developers, two trials from journalists and a couple of elusive targets. Two contracts will receive only the owners of the extended edition: in one will have time to kill all targets on the train with a rolled or rifle in a white ninja suit, and in the second – poison and kill opponents. They will appear on February 23.

Items inspired by classic HitManTwo others will receive all the owners of the game: February 3 will add a contract in the English mansion, where you will kill the whole family only due to chance, and 18 numbers โ€” test where knives will have to knock down cardboard boxes in Dubai. Also on February 11 will add a trial of the edition of MinnMax for bananas, followed by a contract from KindaFunny on February 23.

The cherry on the cake will be two elusive targets in Sapienza โ€” they will be available from February 26 to March 3. Road MapRoller More on CCeit In Godlike Burger it is dangerous to leave unfried witnesses appeared the third composition from the soundtrack S.

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