Iran adopts new uranium centrifuges

Iran has activated new advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium. The commissioning was broadcast live on Iranian state television in front of President Rohani.

The step comes at a striking moment. Last week, an Iranian delegation in Vienna negotiated a new nuclear agreement with China, Russia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, after the country terminated the current nuclear agreement last year. After the American liquidation of Iranian General Soleimani, the country no longer felt obliged to comply with the agreements.

The European countries hope to resuscitate the agreement. The new US President Biden has also spoken out in favour of a new deal, although the US and Iran have not yet been directly in agreement with each other. Iran demands that the Americans lift their sanctions before the country stops enriching uranium. Washington demands the reverse.

Iran contradicts the fact that it structurally violates nuclear agreements. According to the Iranian Foreign Minister, Zarif, the country does not want to have an atomic bomb at all, because it would be contrary to the ideology of the country. His American counterpart Blinken recently said that Iran is already well on the way in developing a nuclear weapon.