‘Iran almost ready for significant enrichment of uranium’

Iran has completed almost all preparations for enriching uranium to 60% purity. The United Nations International Atomic Agency (IAEA) reports that Wednesday after a visit to the nuclear facility in Natanz.

The Agency confirms Iran‘s plans. Tehran announced on Tuesday to violate the 2015 Atomic Agreement again. Since January, uranium has been enriched well above the agreed 3.67% purity limit, which must prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons require highly enriched uranium.

Iran reacts with its new nuclear activities to ‘nuclear terrorism‘ attributed to Israel’s archenemy. That country would be responsible for an explosion last week at Natanz‘s major nuclear plant. At that location, Iran intends to place a thousand new centrifuges for enriching uranium.

Iran’s decision comes at the moment when the country talks about the restoration of the nuclear agreement. That deal has been stopped by Iran since the United States withdrew unilaterally. Iran promised to limit its nuclear activities in 2015 in exchange for relief of economic sanctions.



on the agreement started last week and will be resumed on Thursday. China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and Germany are present. The US, the other country involved in the conclusion of the nuclear deal, is indirectly involved through intermediaries because Iran does not want to negotiate directly with the Americans.


fact that Iran is just now enriching purer uranium is regarded by the European countries concerned as ‘particularly regretable’. โ€œIt is contrary to the constructive spirit and good faith of the talks,โ€ said the United Kingdom, France and Germany.


The American foreign minister Antony Blinken calls the Iranian plans for enriching uranium โ€œprovocative.โ€ According to him, it remains to show how serious Iran is about restoring the agreement.