Iran consults with world powers on possible US return in nuclear deal

The return of the United States to the nuclear deal with Iran seems a little closer. Iran is going to talk digitally with China, Russia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom tomorrow to discuss the US position. Until now, Iran stopped the boat to restore the agreement.

According to various sources, preliminary discussions have already taken place between Iran and the European countries, writes Reuters news agency. There was supposed to be an Iranian proposal tomorrow to break the deadlock. The United States has said to welcome the meeting.

โ€œWorst deal everโ€

In 2015, Iran concluded a nuclear agreement with five countries it will talk to tomorrow, and with the US and the EU. The deal meant that Iran would enrich uranium to a lower level and allow international atomic inspectors in exchange for relief of economic sanctions.

Under President Donald Trump, the United States got out of the nuclear deal. Trump called the deal his predecessor Obama made โ€œthe worst deal ever.โ€ Iran then considered itself no longer obliged to comply with the terms of the agreement and decided to re-enrich uranium to a higher level. Trumps successor Joe Biden wants the US to become part of the agreement again.

New centrifuge

However, Iran was not keen on that. The country wanted the US to take the first step by removing the sanctions. However, the US wanted Iran to reverse the enrichment of uranium. In order to increase pressure, Iran decided at the end of February not to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to join the country for unannounced controls.

It was also announced today that the IAEA has established that Iran has put into service a new centrifuge in the new nuclear reactor in Natanz. With it, it can enrich uranium faster.