Iran does not stick to nuclear deal and is going to enrich uranium to 60 percent

Iran has started enriching uranium to 60% purity, reports the head of nuclear negotiations. In doing so, the country continues to violate the 2015 International Atomic Agreement, where the limit is 3.67 percent purity.

Iranian state media report that the major nuclear plant in Natanz will receive a thousand new centrifuges for enriching uranium. There were problems at this location at the end of last week, one day after the commissioning of new centrifuges. According to Iran, the archenemy of Israel has been guilty of sabotage.

Iran‘s nuclear activities are not keeping the nuclear deal. The agreement was intended to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons, an ambition that Iran claims to have. For these weapons, uranium needs to be enriched above 90% purity. Among other things, the 3.67 percent limit was set in exchange for lifting sanctions.

Iran also agreed to International Atomic Agency (IAEA) controls. The United Nations atomic watchdog confirmed earlier this year that Iran enriched uranium to 20% purity after it had announced it itself. This year, the Agency’s inspections were limited.

The agreement was respected until US President Donald Trump withdrew the United States unilaterally in mid-2018. The previously lifted sanctions on Iran were then restored. In a response, Tehran decided to no longer abide by the agreement.

Iran talks this week with China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and Germany on the restoration of the nuclear agreement. The United States is indirectly involved in the discussions through intermediaries. It looks at which American sanctions must be lifted and what Iran must do in order to be able to comply with the agreement again.