“Iran hung up dead woman after all.”

According to an Iranian lawyer, the authorities hanged a woman sentenced to death while she had already died.

Zahra Esmaili was found guilty for the murder of her husband Alireza Zamani, a senior officer of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence, according to the Saudi news website Al Arabiya. She got the death penalty.

Esmaili was hanged in a prison in Karaj on Wednesday, according to Irans Human Rights (IHR) in Oslo along with seven others. The lawyer claims that the total was 17 people. Esmaili had a heart attack before she was hanged when she saw the others die from the noose.

Her death certificate says cardiac arrest as cause of death. Lawyer Omid Moradi wrote in a Facebook post. Zahra had already died, but yet they hung up her lifeless body.

The message on Facebook has been deleted for unknown reasons.