Iran speaks of ‘nuclear terrorism’ after incident in atomic complex

According to Iran, nuclear terrorism has caused a malfunction in a uranium enriched plant. Thats what the head of the Iranian nuclear organization Ali Akbar Salehi said today. He did not say who carried out the attack, but he did say that Tehran reserves the right to take action against the perpetrators.

What exactly happened in the underground nuclear complex in Natanz remains shrouded in mists. But according to Israeli media, the malfunction is the result of a cyber attack carried out by the Israeli intelligence Mossad. This would have caused serious damage to the Iranian nuclear programme.


This morning, the Iranian authorities reported for the first time what was initially called a power outage. The incident occurred in the new uranium centrifuges at the Natanz complex. โ€œThere have been no casualties and no pollution has been caused,โ€ said a spokesman for the Iranian nuclear programme.

The new centrifuges were presented live on state television yesterday in the presence of President Rohani. That happened on the day known in Iran as National Nuclear Technology Day.

The atomic complex in the desert has been hit by sabotage several times in the past. Last July, a fire broke out, according to the Iranian authorities, was the result of malicious opposing. The nuclear programme in Natanz is closely monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the US and Israel.

Conversations on the new nuclear agreement

Todays incident occurred against the background of exploratory negotiations with Iran on a new nuclear agreement. In exchange for limiting the nuclear programme, which, according to Iran, is intended only for scientific and economic purposes, the country hopes to alleviate international sanctions.

Talks with China, Russia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom have recently resumed. US President Joe Biden says he is in favour of a new agreement, but negotiations with the US have not yet begun.

Israel in particular sees nothing in a new deal. According to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Iran is working on the development of a nuclear weapon. The Iranian authorities say that none of that is true.

American Visit

Tensions between Israel and Iran have been increasing lately. Last year, Iranian atomic scholar Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was murdered, an act for which Israel is held responsible. Recently, both countries would have damaged several ships from each other with attacks at sea. Israel also regularly carries out air strikes on Iranian allies in Syria and Iraq.

Israel sees Iran as the biggest threat in the region, as Defense Minister Gantz repeated today during the visit of his American counterpart Austin. The American is the Prime Minister of President Bidens Office visiting Israel. During his stay in the country, a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu is also planned.