Iraq arrests deputy of IS leader Baghdadi killed

One of the top leaders of Islamic State terror movement has been arrested in Iraq. Sami Jasim is said to have been responsible for funding attacks committed by IS supporters. He was also one of the deputies of IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who was killed in a US military operation in northwestern Syria in 2019.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al Kadhimi announced this morning that Jasim was arrested yesterday in โ€œone of the most difficult cross-border intelligence operations ever carried out by Iraqi forces.โ€

Iraqi security forces released photos of his arrest:

Jasim, who is fully named Sami Jasim Mohamed al Jaburi and is Iraqi citizen, has held one of the highest positions in IS since 2014. According to the US, โ€œhe oversaw the group‘s activities and revenues from illegal sales of oil, gas, antiques and mineralsโ€. In the US, he is on the list of most wanted people in the United States.

Anonymous sources tell AP news agency Jasim was arrested in an โ€œunidentified countryโ€ a few days ago and transported to Iraq.

He was Baghdadi’s right hand man for a long time. In large parts of Syria and Iraq, it had a reign of terror with IS with torture, slavery and mass executions for years. Supporters of the terror organisation were also responsible for several attacks in Europe, such as those at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris and at the Brussels airport.