Irish Minister tests negative, scare within government over

The Irish Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly, has tested negative for the new coronavirus. This puts an end to short-lived terror within the Irish Government, which led to the decision that all ministers should work remotely for the time being. Donnelly felt unwell on Tuesday and then contacted his GP for a coronavirus test.

Ministers had to remain at a distance for as long as they waited for Minister Donnellys coronavirus test results. According to earlier reports, the Cabinet would go into complete self-isolation.

The Irish Parliament was also sent home for a week by its President after Donnelly showed symptoms of Covid-19. However, according to Prime Minister Martin, it was due to meet again on Tuesday evening. The earlier decision was taken out of plenty of caution when a minister fell ill, Martin said.


According to the Irish public broadcaster RTE, Donnelly applied for a coronation test on Tuesday afternoon. The Minister had previously met many of his colleagues in person at a cabinet meeting. He had also held a press conference with Prime Minister Martin on the same day.