IS terror group claims attack on mosque in Kabul

The explosion in a mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, which killed at least twelve people on Friday, has been claimed by the Islamic State. The terror movement announced that shortly before a three-day truce expires, set because of the end of Ramadan.

During the blast during the Friday prayer the imam of the mosque was killed, among others. Fifteen people were injured. The Taliban soon announced its condemnation of the action.

The Afghan government and the fundamentalist Taliban agreed to silence the weapons for a few days while US troops and other international soldiers gradually withdraw from the country. Meanwhile, peace talks have been very viscous, but both sides spoke in Qatar on Friday about speeding up negotiations.

Despite the truce, at least 23 Afghans were killed since Thursday and nearly 40 were injured in various incidents. It was not so much about direct attacks, but mainly about people who were victims of mines. Equally, the Ministry of Defense in Kabul has accused the Taliban of violating the truce in several provinces.