Is the Netherlands going after corona hotspots France and Spain?

The Netherlands is seeing a record number of infections this week. Seventeen hundred new infections were diagnosed, but the number of hospital admissions and deaths remains relatively low for the time being. This is different in southern Europe, where the virus is spreading rapidly in two of the worst affected countries: France and Spain.

In Spain alone, 162 people died today as a result of Covid-19. There are more than 11 000 new infections. In France, 46 people died and almost 10,000 were found to be infected.

Authorities in the countries are concerned. The WHO also warned today. The situation is very serious, said European Director Hans Kluge on the European figures. He points out that the strict measures taken in the past led to a sharp drop in the figures, but stresses that the number of newly detected infections is now higher than in March – when the pandemic was at its peak.

Corona Hospital in Madrid

In Spain, they are also seeing an increase in hospital admissions. Five months ago, they built an emergency hospital in Madrid to care for all the patients. Now they want to be ahead of this scenario. That is why they started building a special corona hospital months ago.

The infectious diseases hospital, with a thousand beds, should be finished in 7 weeks‘ time. It is a race against time: on 25 June, there were 71 000 infections in Madrid. There are now 100 000 more.

Correspondent Rop Zoutberg took a look at the construction site, where the construction workers are building to protect their families:

In the Netherlands, the number of hospital admissions is still not so high, although the number of ICUs is rising slowly. It’s not going so fast yet, but it will go faster if you don‘t intervene now, says epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning against Nieuwusuur.

If you look at other countries, such as Spain and France, you see the same trends everywhere, says Bruijning. It starts under the age of twenty and increases to enormous numbers. Not so much happens in hospitals then, says Bruijning. After that there is a wave a month or two later

In France doctors are worried about the behaviour of young people. Because in July and August they didn’t pay much attention to the rules of conduct, the infections are on the rise again. The playtime is now over, warns a doctor.

On the terraces in Paris, French young people are sitting shoulder to shoulder because we are young and stupid:

Epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning expects that what is now happening in other countries is the foreland of the Netherlands. In the US we have seen this happen again for a month or two. There it started with people in their twenties and it was not so bad, but after that the hospital admissions increased. It turns out that it is not possible to control the virus in one population group – such as young people

In the Netherlands, several regional measures will be presented tomorrow. That is good news, says Bruijning. We have to keep the pain as low as possible and only intervene where it is necessary. Now we are looking at the regions in the west, but that is not a licence for students elsewhere in the country that they can just party there