Is this a bizarre movie or a serious plan?

Saudi Arabia wants to make a 170 kilometer long skyscraper with nothing but mirrors on the sides. Inside, it must become a kind of gigantic green city.


When you see the images, you may hardly believe that the plan will ever actually be implemented. Nevertheless, the country really wants to build ‘De Lijn’ (that‘s the name of the project). It should be 200 meters high and 500 meters wide and 9 million people could live there.

There is no place for cars in ‘De Lijn‘, but there is no place for a super-fast train and flying taxis. By 2030, the first people should already live there and it costs a bizarre amount of money to build.

Some people think it’s a very crazy plan by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. But there are also people who think that it could really be done in the future.