“IS threatens to attack Kabul Airport”

The U.S. Army claims to work on alternative routes to Kabul Airport due to a threat from a branch of Islamic State (IS) terrorist group (IS) at and around the airport, CNN reports.

There is a great possibility that IS is is trying to attack at the airport, a U.S. Department of Defense representative said against the news channel.

According to a diplomat in Kabul, the United States have been informed of a credible but indirect threat from IS against Americans at the Afghan capital airport. For this reason, alternative routes are being built so that people who want to escape the country can still come to the airport. In some cases, soldiers pick up refugees. CNN said the Taliban had been informed of the new routes.

The two Muslim terror groups had a stick to each other in the past.

The radical Allim Taliban took power in Afghanistan almost a week ago. At Kabul Airport, thousands of people want to be evacuated for fear of fundamentalists. Women and Christians would already have been executed on the streets. Other minorities are worried, despite the Taliban‘s promises that they have nothing to fear.

Only in the north of the country, in the Panjshir Valley, there is still resistance. There, Afghanistan’s fallen vice president, Amrullah Saleh, found shelter with other leaders of the refuted government. Special forces and elite forces of the military would also have joined the Resistance Front. The group has openly asked for help from President Joe Biden and the West for weapons and air support, for example.