Israel accuses Iran of “ecological terror” after oil spill

Israel holds Iran responsible for the recent oil spill, which caused large amounts of tar to Israeli beaches. The Israeli Environment Minister spoke today of ecological terror.

Iran is guilty of terror by damaging the environment, said Minister Gila Gamliel. According to her, there was piracy; the tanker would be in the hands of a Libyan company, which smuggled oil from Iran to Syria. The oil would have been dumped along the way, about 70 kilometers from the Israeli coast. According to Israel, it is one of the biggest ecological disasters in the countrys history.

The tanker, among other things, sailed through Israeli waters without making radio contact, said Gamliel. According to her, the tracking system was deliberately disabled. The minister provided no further evidence for the accusations.

Still possible accident

The goal was smuggling from Iran to Syria. We do not assume there was any other purpose, said Rani Amir, an official commissioned by the authorities to investigate the disaster. Moreover, the researcher keeps several options open; according to Amir, this could be both an accident and a deliberate dumping.

The oil would have leaked into the sea between 1 and 2 February. After the leak, Israel closed off all the beaches on the Mediterranean. Many animals were smeared with the tar and the removal of the remains could take years. Iran, the archenemy of Israel, has not yet responded to the accusations.

It is, moreover, the second time in a short period of time that Israel has accused Iran of an incident at sea. According to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the country was also behind a recent attack on an Israeli freighter in the Gulf of Oman.