Israel also fired with missiles from Lebanon

Israel has also been attacked by missiles from neighbouring Lebanon. The Israeli army confirmed that three projectiles have been fired. They would have landed in the Mediterranean without any damage.

It‘s still unclear who’s responsible for the missile shooting. In the past, the Iran-affiliated Hezbollah movement has fired missiles from its neighbouring country onto Israeli territory. Local Palestinian groups have also carried out such attacks.

A witness in the northern port city of Haifa said she heard three explosions shortly in a row. There were no warning sirens, and according to the military, โ€œaccording to protocol.โ€ This presumably means that there was no risk of inhabited areas being affected.


The final shelling means a further escalation of the violence that flared up this week. Israel has been under attack for days from the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave on the coast. The army says that since Monday 1750 missiles have been fired by militant Palestinians. The Israeli armed forces, in turn, carried out hundreds of air strikes.

Minister of Defence Benny Gantz has now approved the mobilisation of another 9000 reservists, announced his office Thursday evening. There were also 5000 reservists summoned earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the death toll from battle continues to rise. Authorities in Hamas dominated Gaza Strip speak of 103 deaths, including 27 children. Seven people died in Israel.