Israel kills four Palestinians in West Bank

At least four Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank in the Israeli army raids. According to Israel, it was an action against a Hamas terror cell that wanted to carry out attacks in the near future.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health says three Palestinians were killed in Biddu, just north of Jerusalem. The fourth was killed in a village near Jenin, on the north side of the West Bank. Raids have also been raids in other places.

There are no reports of deaths or injuries on the Israeli side. An Army spokesman says people were apprehended, but gave no number.


Hamas has called the killed Palestinians โ€œmartyrsโ€, but did not mention whether they were members of the militant group, which has the power on the Gaza Strip. Hamas is seen as a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and other Western countries.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which controls parts of the West Bank, has condemned the Israeli raids. The Israeli government is โ€œfully and directly responsible for this bloody morning and the crimes committed by the occupation forceโ€. The PA is working with Israel to keep Hamas and other militant groups on the West Bank under control.