Israel sends troops to border with Gaza: ‘Ground Offensive a Scenario’

Israel has sent reinforcements to the border with the Gaza Strip. IDF ground troops gathered at the border security fence and tanks fired at targets in the Palestinian enclave on the coast. Meanwhile, there is a fear of civil war.


recent days, Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes in the Gaza Strip on leaders of the Hamas terrorist movement, which has power there. An army spokesman says that preparations are being made for โ€œdifferent scenarios.โ€ He called a ground offensive โ€œa scenario.โ€

In recent days, violence between Israelis and Palestinians has cost the lives of civilians on both sides of the border. According to the Palestinians, 83 people have died, including 17 children. Also, more than 480 people were injured.

In Israel, at least seven were killed, including a six-year-old child. Army says the boys house was hit by a missile from the Gaza Strip. In total, militant Palestinians would have fired more than 1600 missiles in a few days, including on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Many missiles from Gaza do not arrive or are, according to the military, intercepted by the advanced anti-aircraft guns, the Iron Dome. There are also projectiles that are fired, but end up in Gaza itself.

Around 600 targets have been attacked by Israel in the Gaza Strip. Among other things, the army claims to have destroyed the central bank of Hamas and killed the boss of the military branch of the terrorist organisation. According to the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip, in addition to the deaths, including 17 children, nearly 500 wounded have been injured in the enclave. Two million people live in the strip: it is very densely populated, and Hamas is among citizens. The strip was left by Israel to the Palestinians in 2005.

Due to the missile fire, passenger aircraft are diverted on their way to the international airport in Tel Aviv. The aviation authorities say that these aircraft can land in the southern resort of Eilat. Before this decision, five people in a neighbouring city were slightly injured as a result of missile attacks. Several airlines temporarily do not fly to Tel Aviv, including KLM.

The Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has called the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who condemned the missile attacks from the Gaza Strip and called for an end to the violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that Israel has the right to protect itself.

The air strikes followed violent clashes and riots on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem at the end of Ramadan. That turmoil moved to other parts of the country. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, fierce confrontations between Palestinian and Jewish inhabitants took place in several cities. The police have arrested 374 people. Hotels, synagogues, restaurants and cars have been set on fire in various places; drivers of cars were fired with stones. Prime Minister Netanyahu has said he is afraid of civil war.