Israeli freighter attacked, no injured reported

An Israeli businessman‘s cargo ship has been attacked in the Indian Ocean. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which relies on sources within the security service, there are no casualties. Israel suspects archenemy Iran of being behind the attack.

The ship, the CSAV Tyndall, was on its way from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates. On board, according to channel 12, there were no Israeli citizens.

According to ship information websites, the CSAV Tyndall sails under the flag of Liberia and is now in a port of the Emirates.

In February and April there were attacks on freighters. Those ships were also in the hands of Israelis. Israel pointed to Iran as a culprit, but that country denied it.

In April, an Iranian ship in the Red Sea was damaged by an explosion. According to The New York Times, Israel was behind that attack. Israel didn’t let go of it.