Israeli parties form coalition without Netanyahu

Opposition leader Lapid has succeeded in forming a government coalition in Israel. That‘s what a spokesman for his party says. That would mean that for the first time in 12 years there will be a government without Benjamin Netanyahu. Lapid, as a former, has notified President Rivlin tonight.

Lapid of the secular central party Yesh Atid and Naftali Bennett of the right-wing opposition party Yamina agreed to take on the Prime Minister tonight after a marathon meeting. Bennett will be Prime Minister for the first two years. In the meantime, Lapid is Secretary of State. After two years, Lapid becomes Prime Minister. The deadline for the formation of a new coalition would expire at midnight (Israeli time).

Conservative-Islamic politician Mansour Abbas has also pledged his support. His party was, according to his opinion, the last of the eight parties involved to sign the agreement.

The coalition is probably the end for Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has been leading the country since 2009 and earlier between 1996 and 1999. However, the parliament, the Knesset, still has to agree.

The last ballot in Israel was in March and elections were already held in 2020. Netanyahu’s Likud party won the last election close, but the party failed to find enough support from other parties to form a coalition. If the opposition parties had not come out today, Israel might have had to go back to the polls.