Israeli Security Service Warns: Divisions can lead to violence

The Israeli Homeland Security Service Shin Bet warns that the great division in the country can lead to violence. In particular on social media, the head of the service, Nadav Argaman, is signaling a โ€œdiscourse of violence and incitementโ€ that is becoming more and more extreme.

Israel is under high political tension. A broad range of political opponents of Prime Minister Netanyahu has formed, with eight parties, a government coalition that is about to end his twelve-year prime minister. Netanyahu calls that alliance, consisting of left-wing, liberal, right-wing, nationalist and religious parties, โ€œa dangerous left-wing governmentโ€.

A number of extreme right-wing movements are furious at the man who will lead the coalition for the first two years as Prime Minister, the nationalist politician Naftali Bennett. He has been given extra security for a few days and has recently received a growing number of threats. There was also a demonstration at the homes of his fellow parties in order to stop the coalition.

Violence not excluded

Who exactly is Shin Bets warning about, Argaman does not mention in his public statement. However, he calls on politicians and opinion leaders to distance themselves from the incitement. โ€œThe responsibility for restoring a calmer atmosphere and a somewhat more restrained discourse rests on the shoulders of all of us.โ€

โ€œ As head of an organization to protect democratic governance and institutions, I warn that this rhetoric may be interpreted by some groups as an embrace of violent and illegal activities that may even cause harm to individualsโ€ , said the head of Shin Bet.


fact that Argaman publicly expresses his concerns in this way is striking. Normally, his service is only directed behind the scenes to politicians, who then decide how to inform the public about it.