Issue: Erdogans Turkey does not enter the EU

As long as Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the absolute ruler of Turkey, that country has nothing to do with the EU. Even membership of NATO does not necessarily need to be continued, the majority of the responders to De Zaff.

Many people immediately mention an important reason for this rejection: the Turkish leader himself. Erdogan has certainly not made himself popular with his hostile statements about fascism (that is in your book) and the alleged oppression of Muslims in Europe (resembling the position of the Jews in the years just before the Second World War). So many ask themselves: Why should you make a commitment with someone who is acting like this – and who is not ashy to purchase missile systems from the Russians -?

Veliborweller says: I believe that Erdogan makes Turkey completely unbelievable as a partner in any alliance. His presence is a black spot that needs to be erased as soon as possible. Politically, then, that is. Only rhetoric and no solutions to domestic problems in his country!

According to Janny de Kruijk, the key lies with the Turkish population: Erdogans Turkey does not belong in the EU. If the Turkish people are able to send out this Islamist of the worst order and choose a moderate leader with an eye for the rest of the world, then it could be done. Maybe. Now, the accession treaties and the related financial flows must be terminated and broken immediately. Erdogan does not listen to anything and will have to be whistled back by his own people. Dick52 agrees thoroughly: Absolutely those Erdogan refuse. This fake dictator is not in the right way. Hes a mockery for Europe. As soon as a reasonable leader stands up, we can consider joining.

Jan Derk Eppinks plea for a tougher approach to Turkey now gets a lot of support, but according to Pau, Eppink could have done a bit more about that himself: The EU has been far too weak and yet. You are part of that union without a strong vote against.

According to Huub307, the Turks themselves will have to say goodbye to Erdogan. Over the years, we have seen that this country under the leadership of this unpredictable sultan has become unreliable and radicalized. There is no longer any basis to continue with any cooperation. Let the Turks themselves first step away from this man who brings or has brought the economy to the brink of the abyss. And then? Just on holiday again to the five-star resorts on the Turkish Riviera? Not for the time being, the same Huub307 says: There should be a European negative travel advice for Turkey, despite all those nice Turks. They continue to stand right behind this psycho , so they must bear the consequence.

For example, MEP Kati Piri goes too far (see the link above) and she has a small group of followers among the responders. Party for example: The doors dont have to close anywhere. Diplomatic consultations are needed to find a solution here. That is also what Gjhmeij40 says: It is better to accept Turkey for who it is and simply ensure that diplomatic relations are as normal as possible.

All well and well, but those reflections ignore the hottest issue, according to many: Turkey is an Islamic country and that does not unite with Europe. As long as that is so, there can be no rapprochement, says Willemwriter: There are no bridges to the unshakable right that Islam grants itself, besides the world dominance it stands for.

So we dont need to talk about it anymore? As far as Andre Hof is concerned, we are finished: I really do not understand that the EU and NATO have not acted much harder against Erdogan with severe sanctions against Turkey. In fact, we must call the entire Islamic world on guard.