“It feels weird to open a bottle on my own.”

Three men turn their opinions on womens business. This time CCEIT colleague Kamran Ullah (36), married and newly born father.

This week upside down a year ago. My wifes in the bathroom door. In her hand, that thing that is indistinguishable from a distance from a thermometer. She shows me the screen. Pregnant says. And 3+ weeks.

Wine Cuts

I answer, Okay. Am I not happy? Certainly. Its just all so early and insecure, I dont want to be too excited. But I am, of course. I wake up more often than usual that night, and every time the same special thought haunts me: Im becoming a father. unimaginable. My wife doesnt think of anything else. Except I see her the next morning a worried look. The concern that will be forever from now on.

Kam, remember last week? On my birthday? After all, I drank more wine than is good. A few wines barely three weeks after fertilization, how bad can that be? I think. But the tone for the coming months has been set. Not a drop of alcohol. No wine, no champagne. Although… with the bubble I hear the question, Can I have a sip? Lucky but.

I am not the teetotaler myself.

I leave that to the men who say, We are pregnant. Still, it feels weird to open a bottle on my own at home. And when we go out to dinner, toasting with tea is also not the most cozy. I realise that this will take a while, because the same strict conditions apply also during breastfeeding.

Friends told me that after three months their son suddenly slept through the night. Despite the hangover the next morning, the flag went out. Until they realized that she had been drinking a few wines for the first time the night before. Could it have been those? Id like to know. The liberating word comes during the nursing workshop. The bosom girlfriend relaxes the question about alcohol: One glass can certainly, provided that after that you wait two hours to feed. It needs to be drunk to that. Cheers!

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