It Takes Two is almost three times longer than A Way Out โ€” about 15 hours

Youssef Fares in a fresh interview said that it takes about 15 hours to pass It Takes Two – this is almost three times more than the previous release of the developer A Way Out. It took about 6 hours. The game designer did not specify, in 15 hours you can go only the main campaign or study the game along with all the additional content – on it the Hazelight team makes a big bet.

โ€œYou can find a lot in the game – but no collectibles and similar crap. We don‘t want to do like that.

We are much more interesting to do interactive things. We have come up with a lot of mini-games โ€” about 25 pieces spread around the world, you can interact with them.

We want to make a living world in which many fun and strange things are hidden. And secrets.

I hope people will find. They will be delighted.

โ€ Phares is confident that It Takes Two will become a record holder in variability, and no mechanics will make players miss โ€” according to the developer, many projects are too rely on the same type of gameplay features, which quickly arrive. โ€œIt seems to me that many story games are becoming too repetitive.

It seems to me time to move away from using one mechanic to death. It doesn’t fit narrative projects.

In It Takes Two, we try to make every situation unique and playable. โ€ .

It Takes Two is released March 26 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. The game is cooperative, but to pass even online you will need only one copy.

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