“It was unnegotiable”

The club Donny van de Beek wanted to take over from Manchester United on Deadline Day is Everton. It seemed that the midfielder would go to The Toffees, but a few hours before closing the market, Manchester United went ahead of it anyway.
Van de Beek has had a bad first year in England and wants to play weekly. Case observer Guido Albers went to work for him. First a departure was unnegotiable and then Cristiano Ronaldo came, he says at Rondo at Ziggo Sport. That was a complete surprise for everyone in the club. That deal was made within 48 hours.
Paul Pogba played on the left and Ronaldo plays there too. Where will Pogba play? Another midfielder. Then we pulled the bell and talked to Solskjaer and the Executive Board again. We looked for a club on our own initiative and joined Everton, says Albers. Then just one step lower, but play every week. The picture was completely complete, so it looked like it would be fine. But Monday night we received a call from the club that it was unnegotiable and he could report back on Tuesday.
Albers is counting on Van de Beek to play now. We indicated that he is not a League Cup or FA Cup player. He went to England to play in the Premier League. Nobody gives guarantees, but compared to last year the conversations have been a bit harder and clearer. I‘m expecting him to get the chance now, so he needs to make sure he’s done. And that‘s he. He trained crackling hard. And if it doesn’t work now, the appointments are a bit clearer than last season.

Guido Albers explains the current situation around Donny van de Beek extensively: ‘The picture at Everton was almost complete… ‘ 👀 #ZiggoSport #Rondo pic.twitter.com/8eyfwhlr64
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