It will be a crucial day for curfew: this is what you can expect

Curfew awaits a crucial day, and the court deals with the appeal lodged by the demissionary cabinet in the case concerning the immediate withdrawal of the corona measure. In addition, the House of Representatives votes on the evening clock emergency law which received a majority in the House of Representatives yesterday.

What does the day look like?

Around 10.00 a.m., the appeal in the evening bell case starts at the court in The Hague. It is the sequel to a chaotic Tuesday, when the judge of provisioning ruled that curfew should be lifted immediately. During the turbulent hours thereafter, the State forced an emergency appeal to maintain the measure at least until the appeal was delivered.

Today the matter is being dealt with in substance. Like Tuesday at the emergency appeal, Marie-Anne Tan-de Sonnaville is the president of the court in the case. After a messy start of the session, the counsel was then challenged by action group Virus Truth, because it would be biased. That request for objection was denied.

The ruling in the emergency appeal, Tuesday:

The State is the first to speak today, as an appeal party. Difference from Tuesdays case is that there are now three judges looking at the case instead of one. The court will probably reach a verdict relatively quickly, in order to remove the uncertainty surrounding the curfew.

One and

a half kilometers away and almost at the same time as the appeal, around 09.30, at the Binnenhof the Eerste Chamber is looking at the Evening Clock Emergency Act. In the morning senators get speaking time. In the afternoon, Minister Grapperhaus (Justice) answers questions, after which the vote is taken at the end of the afternoon.

Why is this playing at once?

Because the demissionary cabinet does not want to risk the curfew being removed. The Judge of Providence ruled that, when the curfew was introduced, the Cabinet made unjustified use of the Extraordinary Powers Civil Authority Act (Wbbbg), intended for acute emergencies requiring immediate action.

If the court, like the court, finds that curfew has been introduced on the basis of the wrong legal grounds, the measure will no longer apply immediately. As a result, an emergency law was immediately sent to the Chamber on Wednesday, as a sort of evening bell safety net. The First Chamber was asked to deal with the law today.

Whats at stake in the appeal?

Firstly, the credibility of the coronation policy of the demissionary cabinet. If the court comes to the same judgment as the Judge of Provisions, it will be a scratch on the governments coronation policy.

โ€œ They already had the image of it rattling, and its not getting better now,โ€ said political reporter Ron Fresen earlier.

What will be the tenor in the First Chamber?

It is expected that the course of events surrounding the establishment of curfew will be criticized, just like yesterday in the House of Representatives. โ€œIn addition, the House always pays a little more attention to the legal side and just now that the legal justification is under discussion, they will probably be even sharper on that,โ€ says political reporter Wilco Boom.

He expects that the emergency law will be adopted, based on the large majority yesterday in the House of Representatives, with the support of the parties VVD, CDA, D66, ChristenUnie, SP, GroenLinks, PvdA and 50Plus. Subsequently, the law could enter into force the same day if it was published on the website of the State Gazette.

What are the chances of curfew after today?

Very large. Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte said yesterday that he would first await the courts ruling before he might want to use the emergency law. Should the ruling be to the detriment of the State, the Cabinet has the emergency law in place to maintain the curfew.

Rutte explained to the Chamber yesterday why he wants to await the appeal first: