It will be possible to learn the full story of Gotham Knights after several playthroughs

The creators of Gotham Knights note that players will need to complete the action from start to finish more than once to learn the full story of the game. Or, more precisely, each of the four playable characters looks at what is happening in their own way, so that the overall picture will be formed only after completing for each of them. The developers claim that they have written actually โ€œfour [stories], not one.

โ€ And, accordingly, it is simply impossible to see all the content and its perception by a particular hero in one playthrough. That is, yes, in general, the global story will be the same, but, as noted in Kanobu, โ€œit will be possible to look at the story from different angles.

โ€ differences in phrases, movements, intonations, and simply staging story scenes. Gotham Knights release, where Batman dies and Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood and Batgirl start keeping order at night, scheduled for October 21 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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