‘It will feel like a knife in the back’

In an important week for the club, AZ surprises friend and enemy by putting trainer Arne Slot on the street immediately.

โ€œ If you start talking to another club without informing the board, I can understand the anger and irritation. It will feel like a knife in the back for AZโ€, says TCCEIT commentator Jeroen Elshoff, who follows AZ closely.

The Alkmaar football club puts the coach on the street because he was supposed to be in conversation with Feyenoord as a possible successor to Dick Advocate, who after this season will say goodbye as coach of the Rotterdam club. Slot had a contract in Alkmaar until mid-2022.

โ€œ As a club, we have chosen to say goodbye to each other immediatelyโ€, says Max Huiberts, director of football affairs at AZ on the website. โ€œAt AZ we want a head coach for the group that is fully focused on AZ.โ€

Elshoff said: โ€œHe was trained by the club, the management has always stood behind him, they have worked intensively in recent years, they have a very good relationship. It‘s also naive of Slot to think that such a thing doesn’t work out. It‘s a complete shock to the entire organization.โ€

Elshoff: โ€œSlot is a trainer who is important in everything. He is a sign for the club and responsible for the play. The idea that this will happen in a week when there is a very important European competition on the programme makes it completely bizarre. It’s a volcanic eruption.โ€

AZ plays the away game against Rijeka in the Europa League on Thursday night. This competition must be won in order to enforce European wintering. Elshoff thinks that the dismissal of Slot can affect the player group.

โ€œ It won‘t get any better. This happens in the middle of the season. Pascal Jansen is going to take over until the end of the season, but it will be a little wood-string in the coming time. It is hope that they will make it through Thursday and then make it to the winter stop without too much sporting damage.โ€

Elshoff: โ€œAnd whatever danger lies in wait: a transfer period is coming, and of course you never know how players react to this decision. Maybe there are players who want to leave too.โ€

On Thursday, after the Europa League duel with Napoli, Arne Slot did not want to go into the transfer rumors.

Friday leaked out that the 42-year-old Slot would be the main candidate to work in De Kuip in the summer of 2021.

CCEIT commentator and Feyenoord follower Arman Avsaroglu expects that Feyenoord will soon announce that Slot will be trainer in Rotterdam next season. โ€œTalks have been held and Slot responded benevolently to Feyenoord’s interest.โ€

No redemption

โ€œ There is not much going on for Feyenoord now either, it is perhaps more pleasant that Slot has been firedโ€, says Avsaroglu. โ€œDepending on the financial regulation, it could even be cheaper for Feyenoord. They can get a transfer-free trainer who is loved in the Netherlands. Feyenoord wants Slot and they still want it.โ€

Nevertheless, Avsaroglu also sees disadvantages to the dismissal of the AZ trainer. โ€œYou enter Rotterdam in a different way, as the trainer who was fired, because he would not have reported that he was having conversations with another club. Lock is damaged by this dismissal.โ€

In Eredivisie on Friday we talked about the succession of Dick Advocate at Feyenoord. Arne Slot was also called, without knowing what was about to happen today: