Italian Football Association: Compulsory First Aid Course for Pro Players

The Italian Football Association wants all pros from the country‘s three main competitions to take a compulsory first aid course. Immediate reason is Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest in the EC-game with Finland last Saturday.

โ€œWhat happened there shocked us all,โ€ said Federal President Gabriele Gravina about Eriksen collapse. Gravina praised the rapid action of Danish captain Simon Kjaer, who immediately prevented Eriksen from swallowing his tongue.

โ€œI would like to pay tribute to Kjaer. His actions have been crucial, which hopefully allows us to see Eriksen back on the field in the future,โ€ says Gravina. Both Eriksen and Kjaer play in the Italian Serie A. Eriksen with national champion Internazionale, Kjaer at AC Milan.

According to Gravina, the Italian EK selection receives the first aid course during the Florence training camp.