Italian former Prime Minister Berlusconi recorded on the eve of court

The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is hospitalized in a hospital in Milan. He reported yesterday at the San Raffaele Clinic for an investigation in connection with his corona infection last September, writing Italian media. The doctors decided that he should stay for further examination.

It is still unclear whether Berlusconi will be able to appear before a court in Siena tomorrow. โ€œWe‘ll decide what is needed tomorrow based on what the doctors tell us,โ€ said one of his lawyers.

The 84-year-old former prime minister would be heard about bribing witnesses in the Ruby case. That’s the lawsuit where he was suspected of inciting sex with a minor prostitute. He was acquitted in 2014, but the suspicion is now that he paid witnesses to keep quiet about the case. Berlusconi denies that.

The court may come to a verdict on Thursday. The prosecution is demanding a four-year and two-month imprisonment against the former prime minister. The session has already been postponed four times. The last time was in January, when Berlusconi underwent a medical examination for cardiac arrhythmias in Monaco.


After the news about the recording became known, the price of the shares of Berlusconi‘s family business Mediaset rose. Analysts assume that investors are counting on selling to a new owner as Berlusconi’s health deteriorates.