Italian Mafia boss eats finger prison guard

A Sicilian mafia boss went completely crazy in the prison in Rome. According to Italian media, 60-year-old Giuseppe Fanara, imprisoned for life, became furious when his cell was searched by seven guards. He bit off the right pin of one of the guards.

Because the guard’s finger was not found, the Roman prosecutor concluded that the prisoner “may have eaten the little finger”.

After the side action Fanara attacked the other guards with a broomstick, threatening to ‘slaughter the guards like pigs’. Only after two hours the cops managed to get him under control.

Extra strict regime

The incident happened on 17 June, but has only now come out. Meanwhile Fanara has been moved to the heavily secured prison of Sassari in Sardinia. He has been charged with, among other things, aggravated assault.

Fanara belonged to the infamous Cosa Nostra of Sicily. He has been detained for 9 years under a special and extra strict prison regime introduced by the Italian authorities for mafiosi. The aim of the regime is to prevent Mafia bosses from continuing to run their affairs from prison.