Italian right-wing politician shoots Moroccan migrant

Fusion in Italy: A politician from the right-wing party Lega shot a Moroccan migrant after an exchange in a bar. The shooter, a councilman in the northern municipality of Voghera, has been placed under house arrest.

Lega-party leader Matteo Salvini immediately jumped into the breach for the suspect, a former police officer with a gun license. Critics, on the other hand, ask why the councilman wore a firearm.

Salvini, former home minister and fiercely against mass immigration, said that the shooting politician enjoys great respect in the local community. The ex-agent, nicknamed The Sheriff, would have been the victim of an attack and accidentally fired a shot. In a video message, Salvini further suggests that the councilman probably acted out of self-defense. According to local media, based on statements from the shooter, the gun would have gone off after the Moroccan pushed the ex-agent to the ground while trying to call the police.

Political opponents criticize that the LEGA leader is drawing conclusions too quickly before the police finalize its investigation. If the Lega thinks that carrying weapons leads to security, that is really worrying, because it only leads to bloodshed and certainly not justice and order, says the centre-left Democratic Party.