Italy also walks across Switzerland and makes serious throws at EK title

Italy confirmed its status as an EC-favourite Wednesday night in Rome. The Azzurri also impressed Switzerland, won 3-0 thanks to Manuel Locatelli and move on to the knockout phase with poulegenot Wales.
The passionately sung anthem Fratelli dItalia was a taste of the Italian storm raging across the field. Giorgio Chiellini opened up close to the score after twenty minutes, but made hands, the VAR concluded after reviewing the images. The captain was injured a little later and had to be changed, but still saw Italys lead from the side. Locatelli sent Domenico Berardi into the depth, sprinted towards the penalty area and typed in Locatellis cross: 1-0.

Switzerland had to regain all the sails in the back, resting 1-0, but had to take another hit at the beginning of the second half. Locatelli set up from the second line and surprised goalkeeper Yann Sommer with a concealed shot. After an hour of play, Switzerland managed to get rid of pressure and even a connection strike seemed to fall. However, Steven Zuber did not dissipate Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Italy already had the loot in the final phase and took back some gas, but made the home audience cheered just before time. Ciro Immobile tried it from a distance and Sommer went on the bouncing ball: 3-0, and the Azzurri are already sure of a place at the first two and will compete with Wales for the leading position in Poule A. on Sunday. On Saturday 26 June they will be back into action against the number two of the Orange coloured Poule C or the number two of Poule B.